You might have expected the first article in Filip Artizan's blog to be about coffee varieties, about the history of coffee or about how to prepare it, but here and now in this article,we will talk about art and not about that art called latte art but about another kind of art that seems to be born from a coffee sipped with the lips of the soul and where then the breath it turns into a coffee colored steam and then in a brush that seems to caress the cotton canvas. Yes you read that right, the cotton canvas ... the cotton canvas of Mrs. Vali Antonescu. Mrs. Antonescu is a different kind of barista, is another type of connection between the human soul and coffee.Just as a skilled barista creates latte art from coffee and milk foam, so Mrs. Antonescu creates art from mixing coffee with cotton canvas, bringing in front of us and mine Filip Artizan a traveler through the world, an immortal artistic experience for the soul.

  Article by,
Filip Artizan.